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Antique Furniture | How to style your living room with antique furniture

Antique Furniture

Since moving into my house two years ago, I’ve been on the hunt for antique furniture to furnish my home. After searching high and low, I finally found the perfect antique table and chairs at an estate sale. Unfortunately, it was in bad shape from its previous owner’s neglectful use. but after cleaning it up with some soap and elbow grease. I had an awesome living room set that really pulls the room together! This inspired me to put together this guide on how to style your living room with antique furniture!

Where do you look

Look for Antique Furniture Online. Even though it’s more difficult to do an online search, there are still plenty of places where you can find quality, old-world pieces at affordable prices (just make sure they’re authentic). seoantiques.com is one of my favorite websites for great deals on both new and used furniture. You can also try browsing seoantiques.com Craigslist or ReVint. If you have friends who are looking to sell off a piece or two that they no longer need or want, ask them if they know anyone else who might be interested; it never hurts to ask and you may just find some good deals that way. Finally, don’t forget about yard sales and estate sales.

These types of sales can be hit or miss but often times you’ll find unique pieces, that will add character to your home.

Make sure you bring along a tape measure so you know how big each piece is before buying it. Also, remember to take pictures as proof in case something goes wrong later on down the road.

Antique Furniture from different eras

Antique Furniture

For many, buying a new sofa is as simple as heading to a store and picking one out. However, if you are into antiques and love decorating your house with stylish pieces of history, then styling a room using different eras of furniture can be both fun and interesting. If you have an old armoire that’s seen better days but still has potential, consider painting it white to give it a fresh look. Or find some small drawers or chests from previous centuries—they’ll work perfectly in either bathrooms or kitchens where they can store towels or rags respectively. You could even use them to hold accessories in your bedroom. And while we’re on the subject of storage, don’t forget about old crates! They make great containers for storing blankets or toys and will add character to any room. To help you get started on styling your living room with antique furniture, here are a few things you should know:

A high-quality rug is essential.

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Antique vs. reproduction

As a general rule, it’s usually safer to go for reproduction. You can usually find pieces that are built just as well as antiques, but in terms of monetary value, you won’t see much of a return on investment. Moreover, most antiques were created using techniques and materials (wood, glass) that do not age well over time. If you have any doubt about whether or not a piece is an original or a copy: Look it up! There are lots of resources online where you can double-check what you have—

or even commission someone to authenticate something if need be. It’s always better safe than sorry.

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