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Antique and Collectibles

What’s an antique? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it’s something that’s been around for a long time (at least 25 years) and has special value because of its age or quality. It doesn’t have to be old, either, but the word itself comes from the Latin word antiquus, which means ancient. While there are plenty of people who collect antiquities as well, in this guide we’ll focus on collecting antiques and collectibles online and through auctions.

The history of collecting Antiques and Collectibles

It all started with antiquity. The first collectible was an object of significant cultural or religious value. It could have been a relic, text or artifact; it didn’t matter as long as its value was greater than its weight in gold (the origin of our saying it’s not worth its weight in gold).

 It wasn’t until relatively recently that collecting became truly widespread. In fact, collecting as we know it today came about during the Renaissance period, when people began hoarding any items they believed were important works of art. 

This practice continued until art lovers eventually realized they could buy more art if they sold some of their collection, creating a new motivation for collecting: profit-seeking rather than keeping everything for themselves.

The different types of antiques and collectibles

Asian Antique and Collectibles

Asian Antique and Collectibles

Although they may not be valuable, there are many different types of antiques. If you’re just getting started with collecting these items, it can be helpful to learn a little bit about each category before purchasing. 

  • For example, antique furniture differs from antique jewelry in terms of value and style, even though both items fall under the umbrella of antique collectibles. The types of antiques and collectibles you choose for your collection should depend on what your interests are.
  •   For example, some collectors prefer Asian antiques while others prefer European antiques. 

Another way to categorize collectibles is by what they’re made of. For example, antique jewelry could be categorized as silver or gold jewelry, or as gems like diamonds and rubies. 

If you’re looking for something unique, try collecting antique household items such as plates or vases.

 Of course, there are also some unique antiques that defy classification based on material—one common type of antique is a classic vintage car from an older model year.

Online Antique If you love antiques and collectibles but don’t have a lot of space at home for storing them, online auctions might be a great solution for you!

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Tips for buying antique furniture

Take into account what type of home you are buying furniture for. If it’s a small apartment, buy small furniture; if you’re buying antiques for your country cottage, there might be less concern about making space for more pieces. 

Another thing to think about is whether or not it’s practical for a certain piece of antique furniture. 

Will you have enough room for it?

 Is it too big or heavy? 

Consider all of these questions when looking at different antique furniture pieces before deciding on which one will look best in your home.

 If you’re buying antique furniture on an online site, it’s important to pay attention to the seller. Is he or she reputable? 

How long has he or she been selling antiques? 

If there are customer reviews for previous sales, take a look at them. Are there other reviewers that have complained about issues with shipping or quality?

 All of these things can give you clues as to whether or not you should buy from that particular vendor.

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3 areas to find antiques

Online, Local and at Shows: When you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to hunt for antiques online, then hit local antique shops. Finally, visit shows where you can find antiques from dealers who specialize in items from a particular time period or region. 

Shows are also a great place to interact with other collectors, network with antique dealers and ask questions about your collecting interests.

 Online, you can find antiques by looking for local dealers on sites. Many local antique shops offer up their inventory online as well. Keep in mind that antique shops also sell new items, not just antiques. 

If you’re looking for something really old, be sure to check out auction sites like SEOAntiques because they occasionally offer up genuine antiques from regular people. However, before bidding on any items listed as antique or collectible, always do your research to make sure it’s a genuine antique rather than a knockoff!

Common questions about antique furniture

Whether you are looking for antique furniture or collectible furniture, there are questions that arise.

  • Where do I find it? 
  • What should I pay?
  •  How do I transport it?
  •  Here are some answers to common questions
  • Where can I find it? 

If you’re looking for antique furniture or collectible furniture, there are many places you can find it. Start at your local antique shops or flea markets. Don’t forget about Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. 

Local classified ads in newspapers may have some treasures as well. The internet is also a great place to start. 

Many online auctions, online marketplaces and buy/sell groups will have vintage items available at affordable prices. Also search craigslist and facebook marketplace for local sellers where you live.

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