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Collect Antique and Vintage Telephones | 6 Reasons why You Should Collect

Antique and Vintage Telephones

If you’re looking to start collecting or if you’re an experienced collector and are looking to add to your collection, now might be the time to consider buying antique and vintage telephones. These pieces of history can be used as home decor or conversation pieces, or simply admired for their artistry and elegance. Here are six reasons why you should collect antique and vintage telephones in your own home!

1)  They are timeless

While many trends come and go, antique telephones are a true timeless piece. No matter what decade you’re in, you can always find a use for an antique telephone. They remind us of simpler times: 

Antique telephones remind us of a time when things weren’t so rushed. We didn’t have cell phones to distract us or keep us in touch with everyone at once. 

We talked on landlines more often, meaning more check-ins with our loved ones without hearing about everything happening in their lives every minute of every day! They make great decor items: 

There is no better way to bring back that sense of nostalgia than by using your antique and Vintage telephone as home decor!

2) Antique and Vintage telephones wonderful to display

Sometimes, people collect antique telephones because they are pieces of art. Not only are antique telephones visually attractive, but some of them also have an interesting history that makes collecting them all that much more fun. 

Many older telephones come from countries outside of North America, such as Germany or England, and some of these older models even require you to manually spin a dial in order to make your call. 

These manually operated antique phones take up valuable space in your house, but they can be quite beautiful when displayed in a cabinet or on a shelf. People who enjoy collecting antique phones will often display one phone per telephone line in their home so that when someone is on a call they can see which line it is coming from just by looking at their wall or cabinet.

3) They can be worth a lot of money

Before you think about collecting telephones, consider that some of them are quite valuable. For example, a 1954 Bakelite phone recently sold for $13,000.

 An 1877 telephone (made by Alexander Graham Bell) also sold for over $100,000. Although there’s no guarantee that yours will be worth that much someday, it never hurts to check out what people have been selling their antique phones for on SEOAntiques before you collect one yourself. 

If you find an especially valuable model at a thrift store or yard sale, buy it right away! The price of telephones changes frequently and in unexpected ways—it’s not worth taking a chance if you know a particular model could be very valuable one day.

4) They tell stories about who you are as a person

One of our favorite collections here at Fleischer’s of N.C. is that of our antique and vintage telephones, which showcase a wide range of collectible styles, colors, shapes, and sizes dating back to 1910.

 Each phone tells a story about not only what it was like in times past but also how it reflects who you are as a person through your appreciation for nostalgic objects. Here are seven reasons why you should start collecting antique telephones today:

 1) They tell stories about who you are as a person 

2) They represent pieces of history 

3) They can fit into virtually any design aesthetic

 4) They’re easy to maintain

 5) The price is right 

6) There is something for everyone 

7) There is serious resale value

5) There is always room for more

Do you love to collect? Look around your house right now. Odds are there is always something else out there that would complete your collection or provide a beautiful focal point in your home. 

Find a passion, start collecting, invite others to get involved with you, talk about it on social media, etc. Don’t think of it as what will fill up your spare time but rather an area that will continue to improve who you are and make for engaging conversation with friends and family. 

They’ll not only want to hear about all of your wonderful finds but also want to bring something new for everyone to enjoy together. What better way than through collecting? No matter what item you decide to add on next, if it brings joy into any area of life then yes!

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6) They make amazing conversation pieces.

A common misconception is that people get rid of their old phones in order to make room for newer models. On the contrary, many phone collectors would argue that their collection has become a family heirloom; items passed down from generation to generation. 

If you decide to collect phones, you can use them as conversation pieces at dinner parties or events, or simply display them proudly as part of your home décor. When it comes to antique phones, you can use them if they work or just keep them as-is. Either way, a vintage phone will add character and appeal wherever you place it!

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