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5 Antique Perfumes You Need to Add to Your Collection

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If you’re into collecting antiques, you already know that antiques are an investment. They also have great sentimental value, and these two things make antique perfumes some of the most valuable collectibles on the market right now. But which antique perfumes should you invest in? Here are five of the best antique perfumes to add to your collection today!

1) Guerlain Shalimar

Antique perfume Guerlain Shalimar

There are many factors that make Shalimar an exceptional antique perfume, but what makes it one of the best antique perfumes is its scent. Created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain, Shalimar perfume has been a favorite among perfume enthusiasts since its debut and continues to be loved today. The heady mix of iris, vanilla, and amber creates a full-bodied scent that is sensual and elegant at once. Also, visit BestOnline antique shop

 Shalimar’s bottle is equally as noteworthy as its scent. It features a beautiful French-made decanter made of glass and decorated with a unique design of black stripes, which can also be found on other Guerlain products. The top portion of Shalimar’s bottle was designed with an opening that allows for easier access to perfume without contaminating it. Plus, Shalimar comes in a wide range of sizes and bottles, so you can find one that fits your needs no matter how much perfume you want.

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2) Chanel No. 5

Channel 5 Antique Perfume

Is there anything that hasn’t been said about Chanel No. 5? Probably not. But one thing you might not know is that in order for a perfume to actually be called Chanel No. 5, it must contain a certain amount of each of three ingredients: oil of bergamot, oakmoss, and labdanum absolute. Once these requirements were set in stone, no more variations on Chanel No. 5 were allowed (though I’m sure perfumers would love to slip something else under the radar).

 It wasn’t until 1982 that No. 5 was re-released, in a much smaller bottle and with different packaging (thereby renewing its popularity among young women, since it was much more easily available). That re-release also gave us extra facets of No. 5: When you spray it on now, you’ll notice a crisp vetiver scent right up front, which lasts for about 30 seconds before melding into vanilla and jasmine.

3) Jean Patou Joy

Jean Patou Joy Antique perfume

This fragrance is both floral and fruity and has notes of gardenia, citrus, raspberry, violet and cedar. Patou originally made Joy for his wife in 1925. It was inspired by a poem about the hope he wrote for her birthday that year.

The scent was later given a name honoring it as a symbol of their love. Housed in an elegant bottle with a unique shape, it’s just as special today as it was when it was first created. While you can still find Joy available for purchase through Patou today, purchasing one from an antique store is your best bet if you’re looking to add something old to your perfume collection.

4) Shiseido Parfum Sacre

Shiseido Parfum Sacre

Shiseido Parfum Sacre is one of Shiseido’s most iconic fragrances, offering a perfume masque scent thanks to its use of iris. It boasts bergamot and lavender top notes, with rose and mimosa heart notes, finishing off with musk and vanilla base notes.

The scent was initially released in 1902 (the same year as Chanel No. 5) and its popularity didn’t dwindle until World War II. While it was reintroduced in 1981 for a brief period (and remains available today), many of those who tried it back then remember it as being quite similar to Chanel No. 5—another antique perfume worth collecting!

5) Caron Nuit de Noel

Caron Nuit de Noel

Caron Nuit de Noel is a perfume that was created by Caron. It was launched in 1934 and was discontinued after several years of production. The fragrance features apple, melon, vanilla, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and amber. Those who have tried it are often quick to point out that it’s an entirely different style of perfume than many modern fragrances. Many women love Caron Nuit de Noel because it’s long-lasting without being overpowering. Since it is a vintage perfume, you’ll need to be careful with how much you wear as it can give off quite a strong aroma.

 Another great antique perfume you should consider adding to your collection is Cabochard by Coty. This fragrance was created in 1934 and still remains one of today’s most popular women’s fragrances. What makes it so popular?

The spicy, flirty scent that stays with you all day long. It also features notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, geranium, rose, and sandalwood. Many users will tell you that they have a hard time getting tired of wearing Cabochard because it has just enough spice without being overpowering like many other perfumes on the market today. Even men love wearing it!

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